School Assembly Programs

The Little Circus is a self-contained program that fits in most gyms and school theaters and is tailored to be grade appropriate.
Custom content such as motivation, working together, and friendship can be incorporated and is always incredibly effective. Performers juggle, walk on tight wires, and fly through the air, with lots of audience participation. Playful banter keeps kids engaged and often giggling.

Special Notes:

  • Presented in association with the renowned Give & Take Jugglers, this program brings over three decades of school experience to the stage, and is well received with students and teachers alike.

Technical Requirements:

  • We require a rectangular floor space no less than 24 ft by 28 ft deep, with a 19 ft tall unobstructed vertical space. The performance takes place within this 3D area. We lay down a bright fabric around the perimeter to create the front row. The audience can sit right up to this line. The Little Circus only requires an electrical source to operate, and is an otherwise self-contained production.

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